Slim Lightbox

The Slim Light Box offers an ultra-thin profile, suitable snap open frames, and the capability to attach to walls. It proves to be the most simple and reliable advertising strategy. Slim Light Box saves a lot of space and is durable for a longer time. Visually appealing Slim Light Box has the capacity to captivate the audience on a large scale leaving an impact on them.

The best part about the lightbox is that it can retain the same brightness and remains maintenance-free for many years. We always keep in mind your business and personal requirements and accordingly we customize your Slim Lightbox's sizes to suit it perfectly. We take care of your print from the design to the installation on the lightbox.

The LED Slim Light Box is intended to provide an even glow through the entire pane. Brand ME Event provides you prime Slim Light Box at affordable prices.


Best Advertising Company in Dubai

BME Advertising provides numerous extraordinary outdoor advertising solutions that make us stand out from the rest. We believe that every brand is a brand only when people know about it. We work towards making your brand well recognized from an unknown start up business. BME Advertising offers services in outdoor advertising and also helps in store promotions. LED Slim Lightbox is one of the most innovative brand asset and that helps in making a company into a brand. Through creativity and right advertising strategy, we succeed in meeting our clients’ advertising goals. Slim Lightbox makes an advertising campaign reach high standards and a brand reach its marketing goals.

Digital Printing Services

Our company offers a range of advertising services that include exhibition stands, display stands, digital printing services and a lot more. Advertising solutions that lead to more business and greater revenue is advertising in true sense. Slim Lightbox is one of those tools of advertising that helps meet advertising goals through high quality advertising at a very affordable rate. Digital printing in Dubai is growing. Digital printing companies in Dubai have experienced growth in their business in the recent yeas due to this development. BME Advertising is offers the best digital printing solutions.

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