Frosted Vinyl

Frosted Vinyl are a great solution to your home and office interiors when it comes to protecting the glasses of your doors and windows and maintaining privacy. Frosted vinyl for glass helps in keeping your private space secured from strangers or burglars. Frosted sticker works as a great way of beautifying home interiors by adding designer vinyl stickers that suit your home interiors. It works wonders for office furniture for branding purpose, as one can paste their logo design. Branding in the form of frosted film glass on cabin dividers, frosted window film or frosted glass doors is an added benefit. Frosted glass film works as a great option for creating stunning interiors. In the world where people chose modern interior designs for their home and office, frosted glass blends just perfect.

By covering your glass walls or doors with frosted vinyl you can maintain the elegant look of glass, while also creating privacy for your meeting room, storefront, and offices. You can put any sort of graphics, logo or a custom design that can give a professional-looking way simultaneously to brand your company. Many people prefer to stick their logos on the doors as it helps in branding as well. A lot of Digital Printing Companies in Dubai also use Frosted Vinyl to advertise as Vehicle Graphic. These Frosted Vinyl glasses are produced by the first surface with adhesive on the back to stick to the outside of the glass.


Frosted Vinyl for Glass

Glass frosting helps in neatly stimulating the effect of vinyl graphics or etched glass on any frosted glass doors. It helps in maintaining privacy in conference rooms, office cabins, bedroom, etc. You can conduct any kind of confidential meetings without the hassles of your security getting hampered. These etched glasses can be creatively designed to enhance the interiors of your home and office. That adds up to the look of the place and also works as a great way of providing privacy. A great design and the perfect look to your space is why we are here.

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