Frameless Lightbox

BME Advertising believes in giving you the services which will enhance the sales of your company rapidly. Our aim is to help you to grow your business into an empire. Frameless Lightbox designed and installed by us takes your image to the edge removing the conventional framed ‘in a box’ look. Frameless Lightbox is an important aspect of Digital Printing. BME Advertising provides you the top notch Frameless Lightbox which will make sure your advertisement catches the eye of the masses on a large scale.

If you want your graphics to get printed with an eye-catchy way then Frameless Lightbox is a good option for you. We print the graphics on a back-lit semi-transparent sheet that works best with an LED double-sided picture frame or a back-lit box and frame it. Also, we provide printing Installation Services where we send you the fabric on the frame as a ready to use package.

If you are looking for a superlative quality and creativity, look no further. BME Advertising creates bold and visually appealing Frameless Lightbox for maximum viewership. An attractive look will get the attraction of many and increase the reach of the advertisement.


Outdoor Advertising Dubai

Frameless Lightbox has become a very impactful way of advertising, especially outdoors. Digital printing services have become more demanding due to this feature of Framless Lightbox that makes an advertisement more attractive and appealing. This appealing factor of Lighbox makes it an exclusive tool of digital printing in Dubai. There are numerous digital companies in Dubai that have adopted Frameless Lightbox for better clientele and printing solutions. Frameless Lightbox works as an asset for advertising companies. So of you are planning any kind of outdoor advertising activity in Dubai, you must consider using the Framesless Lightbox service by BME Advertising and you will surely thank us for the results.

Digital Printing Services

A combination of a great team and high end technology makes us one of the best advertising company in Dubai. BME Advertising is known as an efficient outdoor advertising company and offer a wide range of printing solutions. Our clients are everything to us and we work hard to fulfil their demands. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and that works as a motivation for our team.

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